Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pastor and staff build day

We had great fun this past Thursday with the earnest hardworking clergy who came out in the cold to help their neighbors.  We serve an amazing God who can take a bunch of preachers and church staff and actually get construction work out of them. 

 Those in attendance were:
  • Pastor Marvin Connelly: St. Augusta 
  • Pastor Mary Heggie: First Philadelphia 
  • Pastor Sean Allen, Pastor Allan Smith, Johnny Glover: Greystone 
  • Pastor Bankole Akinbinu & entire church staff (Lori Aboulmouna-Metivier, Chalice Overy, Rochelle Woodson): Baptist Grove 
  • Pastor Chris Partin:  Plymouth
  • Pastor Paul Anderson:  The Fountain
  • Pastor William Newkirk: Oak City
  • Pastor Barry Young: Oberlin
Work began on a third house on this cold morning with laying of the floor joists.  
The Baptist Build churches have done a great job sending volunteers.  We struggle to fill Thursday and Friday work days and we have several more weeks to build. If you have retirees or persons with flexible work schedules, please encourage them to sign up via http://vhub.at/baptistbuild2016.  
 If you would like for Rick Beech to come out to your church on a Sunday to thank and encourage your congregation to keep sending volunteers till the end of the project in April, he would enjoy doing so. Please connect with Margaret Albert at margaret.albert@habitatwake.org if your church would like to sign up for additional work days.

Roof construction continues on one of the houses with the laying of the plywood surface above the rafters.  

Thanks for all the help provided!