Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thanks from CEO of Habitat

To: Roger Nix
Roger--I just wanted to say thanks for bringing the Raleigh Baptists together with the Wake Baptist Association to work with Habitat and for your participation in the MLK worship service at Springfield Baptist on Sunday.  I've been involved in Habitat for many years and this weekend's events perfectly capture what we hope for in Habitat--bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope while demonstrating God's love in the process.  We are indebted to you for helping manifest that in the Wake County community.

Many, many thanks to you for your great leadership!



Kevin Campbell
Habitat for Humanity of Wake County

Dr. Connelly--It was so nice to meet you this past weekend and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your leadership on the Baptist Build project and all the events surrounding the kick off on the MLK Weekend.  I have been involved in Habitat for many years and this weekend's events perfectly captured, in so many ways, what Habitat is all about--building homes, bringing people together and demonstrating God's love.

Your personal passion was evident as you shared about homeless families and how we can get involved and make a difference.  Would you be willing to share notes from your remarks during Sunday's worship service?  I loved all the local stats that you shared.

Again, many thanks and may God continue to bless you in your ministry in the community!


Kevin Campbell
Habitat for Humanity of Wake County

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Youth day and Progress made on both houses

After lunch on Saturday about 20 volunteers continued to erect 3 of the 4 walls and several inside walls for one of the homes.  At the second home,  the foundation was being completed.

On Monday work was continued by youth from the committed churches.  It was cold, but they brought their enthusiam with them!

If your church has not gotten involved yet, be sure to click on the "Registration" link to the right and let us know when your group can come and work.  We plan to  finish both houses in just 10 weeks. 

Wall Raising

The gathering on site was attended by many to bless this work and to praise God for His love for us.  We also were joined by both families who will be helping to build their own homes

Admasu Abe and his wife, Yeshimbet Sewer were both born in Ethiopia, and they have two sons, Lehle (6) and Nahum (4).

Cathleen Jefferson was born and raised in Raleigh, and she has three children: Marcus (12), Wisdom (4) and Ariane (1).
By 11:30 am on Saturday we had all the walls transported by truck to the Neuse View location. 

 The team of white hard hats were ready to raise the walls and it was fun to watch the house go up so quickly.

At 11:45am we stopped and about 60 volunteers celebrated the raising of the walls with a moving service which was led by several pastors from both Associations.

Working in the Warehouse - building walls by working together

We had a great first weekend with Baptist Build.

We started at the new Habitat warehouse at 7:30 am on Saturday morning with about 40 volunteers from the Wake Missionary Association and the Raleigh Baptist Association.  What team work between many congregations coming together to work in Jesus' name. 

Johnny Glover drove the first nail for the Raleigh Baptist Association churches and Dr Connelly drove the first nail for the Wake Missionary Association.

Then we built the walls for both homes and by 9:15 am we had the first walls being carried to a waiting truck and transported to the site

Volunteers carried each panel out to carefully be loaded on a flat bed truck. 

Message from Paster Newkirk

Wow!  What a great weekend. Thanks for all who participated in either the wall raising work day, the wall-raising ceremony, the Sunday worship or Monday's youth day.  All were powerful events. THANK YOU! It was a marvelous kick-off to this year's build and very inspiring. What a powerful observance of MLK weekend.Following is the note from Paster Newkirk who read the scripture at Sunday's worship service. That surely was a meaningful event.  Deacon Douglas is the Habitat coordinator for the their church and is doing an amazing job. 

"Thank you Brother Rick!  We are elated to be a part of such a noble and worthy effort.  I hope to join you on March 3rd for a short while.  Thursday is sermon day for me, and it’s an “all day” event. 

I saw some pictures taken by Whitney Battle, from Oak City Baptist Church, from Saturday’s kickoff event.  We had three people there for most of the day, and Deacon Douglas was there for the wall raising.  I am so proud of our church family and volunteers for Baptist Build.  Sunday’s program was electric and dynamic.  Two great preachers!

Thanks for your leadership!  Great things are happening.  God must be smiling!

William T. Newkirk"

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Foundations poured for Amasu Abe and Yeshimbet Sewer's home

The churches from the Wake Missionary and Raleigh Baptist Associations involved in the Baptist Build 2016 met on Wednesday, Jan 6, to finalize plans for the prefab wall building event next weekend and for the Celebrations to follow.  There will be a wall raising ceremony at 11:45 am on Jan 16 as the first walls go up at 5444 Neuse View Road.  Plan to join us for this special time and park at the cul de sac just  past the building site.  Also we were planning the special worship service to follow on Jan 17th at 4:00 pm at the Springfield Baptist church in Knightdale.  
One of the partner families, Amasu Abe and Yeshimbet Sewer, were present to meet and thank the group.

After the meeting, they went out to look at the nearby building site.  They are excited about being the ones to drive the first nail in building the house that will soon become their home.

The footings have been dug, and there was a concrete truck on site readying to pour the foundations for the house.

Please encourage your churches to schedule their time to work on this wonderful project.  All tools well be provided, young people between 16 and 18 years old need a special permission form to participate in the construction.